Its rare that I am taken by the sincerity of people. VERY rare. So many people are fake. So many people want to appear attractive and will say or do anything. So many other people are lost. I have a friend who is probably the most far off person you would ever expect me to be friend’s with- infact, anytime anyone has ever met her they have said the same- Meredith. She was HER from the moment I met her. I loved it. Its fascinating to me. Its not to say that other people I’ve met havent been amazing or genuine-its just very specific moments I meet people who have a love behind their eyes and a sincerity that is unmatched. The first time I met GUY #1’s father it was the same feeling. He radiated sincerity. There were no deep conversations-the visit wasn’t long-but I’ll never forget meeting him. The same with crazy #2’s dad-he was incredible-the thing I regretted the most about leaving that relationship was losing my visitation rights with him. Brandy’s grandparents both. It was immediate.

I lost my grandmothers when I was very young. Far before I knew to appreciate them before they were gone. Grandma Judy was my grandmother IMMEDIATELY. She made me feel like her very own. And when I say she is a BAD ASS-There is no one else who fits the definition the same. She will bake cookies in the morning and go hunting that afternoon. From the moment I met her she has proven her strength and loyalty. She is also the most gentle person I have ever met. To be so fierce AND feminine in one is RARE. She would cry at reading a birthday card, or the mention of something that touched her heart. It was remarkable.

She had knee surgery early on to the wife and I dating, and I accompanied her to visit grandma in the hospital-and she was DOING LAPS-it hadnt even been a full day since the surgery! I was FLOORED. I remember walking out saying “JESUS CHRIST! YOUR GRANDMA IS A COMPLETE BAD ASS.” I’ve said that a thousand times since.
Watching grandpa with Grandma Judy has always been incredible. They are mid 70s and have been together since high school. He is so incredible with her. Makes sure she has her wine, or blanket-whatever she needs. Always very lovingly waiting on her hand and foot. Of ALL the things the wife has learned from them I always wonder why she didn’t pick up on THAT. lol.
The wife and I initially were going to wait on having babies, but I remember leaving a family party and telling her we needed to start our family sooner-I was so in love with her grandparents and I told her I wanted our babies to spend as much time with them as possible. She was more than willing to start immediately. We named our 1st born in her honor-after her maiden name. There was no question about it once it was mentioned. Her favorite little girl’s name was “Piety” I remember that and told the wife if we had a little girl we should name her that-but she wasn’t a huge fan of the name.
We lost her this afternoon. No one got their wings faster than she did.

This happened so fast. They stopped treatment last week and she is gone.

I thought we would have more time. More pictures to take. More moments. This loss is so devastating and unreal. I thought we would have more of her. Nothing will ever be the same.